RMS 的征婚启示

My former Personal Ad
(Currently for amusement only.)

[This was last updated in early 2009. The ages are out of date now.]

I’m a single atheist white man, 55, reputedly intelligent, with unusual interests in politics, science, music and dance.
I’d like to meet a woman with varied interests, curious about the world, comfortable expressing her likes and dislikes (I hate struggling to guess), delighting in her ability to fascinate a man and in being loved tenderly, who values joy, truth, beauty and justice more than “success”–so we can share bouts of intense, passionately kind awareness of each other, alternating with tolerant warmth while we’re absorbed in other aspects of life.
My 25-year-old child, the Free Software Movement, occupies most of my life, leaving no room for more children, but I still have room to love a sweetheart if she doesn’t need to spend time with me every day. I spend a lot of my time traveling to give speeches, often to Europe, Asia and Latin America; it would be nice if you were free to travel with me some of the time.
If you are interested, write to rms at gnu dot org and we’ll see where it leads.

我,单身,无神论者,白人,52 岁,据说比较聪明,对于政治、科学、音乐和舞蹈有着不同寻常的兴趣。


我有一个 22 岁的孩子——自由软件运动——他占据了我大部分的生活,没有精力再抚养更多的孩子了,但是我仍然会投入的爱我的爱人。我有大量时间花在巡回演讲上,经常要去欧洲、亚洲和拉丁美洲。如果你有空在某些时间陪我一起旅行,那就好了。

如果你有兴趣的话,请写信到 rms@stallman.orgmailto:rms@stallman.org ,让我们看看会有什么结果