every linux networking tool i know

不久前在 twitter 上看到一张描述 45 个 Linux 网络工具的 图片,于是想整理一下它们常用功能

1.ping “are these computers even connected”

2.curl make any http request you want

3.httpie like curl but easier (http get)

4.wget download files

5.tc one a linux router:slow down you brother’s internet(and more more)

6.dig/nsloopup what’s the ip for the domain (DNS requery)

7.whois is the domain registered

8.ssh secure shell

9.scp copy file over a SSH connection

10.rsync copy only changed files (works over SSH)

11.ngrep grep your network

12.tcpdump show me all packets on port 80

13.wireshark look at those packets in a GUI

14.tshark command line super poweroful packets analysis

15.tcpflow capture & assemble TCP streams

16.ifconfig what’s my ip address

17.route view and change route and more

18.ip replace ifconfig .route and more

19.arp see your arp table

20.mitmproxy spy on SSL connetcions your programs are making

21.nmap in network scanning port

22.zenmap GUI for nmap

23.pof identify OS of hosts connetcing to you

24.ftp/sftp copy files .sftp does if over SSH

25.netstat/ss/fuser “what port are server using?”

26.iptables setup firewall and NAT !

27.nfables new versiob of iptables

28.telnet like ssh but insecure

29.openvpn a VPN

30.wireguard a newer VPN

31.nc netcat ! make TCP connections manually

32.socat proxy a tcp socket a unix domain socket + lost more

33.hping3 contect ang TCP packet that server

34.traceroute/mtr what server are on the way to what server?

35.tcptraceroute use tcp packets instad of icmp to traceroute

36.ethtool manage physical Ethernet connections + network cards

37.iw/iwconfig manage wireless network settings (see speed / frquery)

38.sysctl configure linux kernel network stack

39.openssl do literally anything with ssl cerficates

40.stunel make a ssl proxy for an insecure server

41.iptraf/nethogsl/iftop/ntop see what’s is useing bandwidth

42.ab/nload/iperf benchmarking tools

43.python3 -m http.server server file from a directory

44.ipcalc easily see what

45.nsenter enter a container process’s network namespace